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Christmas Crafts – Christmas Doorknob Decorations

With a sachel, ribbon, and holiday potpourri, you can make this simple yet elegant doorknob decoration. Paint and decorate to your liking!

With a sachel, ribbon, and holiday potpourri, you can make this simple yet elegant doorknob decoration. Paint and decorate to your liking!

You can create your own Christmas doorknob hanger to place on any door in the house. Just by using your imagination you can make great holiday decorations for your home, plus it’s fun for the whole family to create wonderful Christmas crafts that will last a lifetime. Below are several easy craft ideas for Christmas doorknob hangers.

Simple Holiday Doorknob Hanger: By using a 4″ to 6″ piece of plywood and dressing it up with Christmas décor, you will have a Christmas doorknob hanger in no time. All you need is a piece of plywood, Christmas colored markers, a holiday stencil, red or green chenille stems, ribbon, glue gun and of course your own imagination. Try a gingerbread man stencil and add the words “Bite Me” to the plywood. Use one of the chenille stems to hang your doorknob hanger around the doorknob once you have finished decorating it.

Christmas Crafts Doorknob Wreath: Just by purchasing a small grapevine wreath that a doorknob will go through and a few other items you can have a really unique doorknob hanger. Use a glue gun and glue little holiday bows, bells, green garland and holiday picks on the grapevine wreath and slip on the doorknob of your choice. Make one or several and get the family involved in this fun and easy project.

Jingle Bell Doorknob Hanger: A 2 ½” or 3″ gold bell is the heart of this doorknob decoration. You will also need a Christmas greenery pick (one with greenery and gold accents), 1 1/4″ wide Christmas ribbon, a 12″ length of rope that is ½” or less in thickness, green floral wire and a hot glue gun. Make a bow that has 8 loops; each loop needs to be approximately 3 ¼” long. Thread the bell onto the rope. Using lots of hot glue, glue the ends of the rope together to form a circle. Make sure the hot glued end is close to the bell. Feed a length of floral wire thru the bell loop and attach the bow to the rope and bell with the floral wire. Hot glue the Christmas pick to the center of the bow. If needed, also use the wire to keep the Christmas pick attached.

Pine Cone Doorknob Hanger: Use a pine cone to create an elegant doorknob hanger. Quickly paint craft glue onto a large pine cone, being sure to cover each pine petal. Shake glitter over the entire pine cone and let dry. Place 5 drops of essential oil onto the pine cone. Place a hole for a ribbon to fit through the top of the pine cone and put pretty holiday ribbon though it. Now tie the ribbon around the door knob to create your pine cone doorknob hanger.

Recycled Christmas Card Hanger: Use skinny Christmas ribbons in varied lengths and in colors of green, red and white. Simply cut out different pictures from old Christmas cards, such as Santa, Christmas tree, stockings etc. Small jingle bells and small candy canes are great for this project too. Using hot glue or white fabric glue, attach the cutout to the end of one of the skinny Christmas ribbons. If you want to add small jingle bells and candy canes, you will also glue them onto the ribbon. Once all is dry, tie the ribbons around a door knob into pretty bows.

Santa Door Knob Décor: For this project you will need a wooden cutout of Santa or of one of his reindeer or elves that can be found at craft stores. Using ceramic paint, paint Santa and once dried, punch a hole at the top of his head and stick a piece of holiday ribbon through the hole and tie it up around a doorknob into a pretty bow. Hot glue little bells onto the ribbon if desired. These cute little hangers look good on any door and are so easy to create.

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