Nov 09

Christmas Village Accessories



When it comes to Christmas villages, there are tons of buildings to choose from.  You can find Victorian, modern and whimsical buildings and you can find them as animated treasures or simply lighted.

Despite all the choice behind the buildings and the charm they exude, a Christmas village just isn’t the same without the accessories.  These are the little touches that add a world of imagination to your miniature world.  Accessories take it from being simple buildings set up on a table to a winter wonderland complete with villagers, lights and trees.

Although there are tons to choose from, there are a few that are must haves for any Christmas village.

Things are going to the trees:

Although you can have a Christmas village without trees, they really do add a great element to a village and make it look much more Christmassy if you add a few evergreens to a park area or lining the streets.

Star light, star bright, street lights make a shining example:

Okay, you can’t really put up any stars in the sky of your Christmas village but you can line the streets with street lights.  These are a wonderful touch and you can find so many different types of lights from traditional, to one decorated with wreaths to multi-lighted street lamps.  You can also find some that are perfect for a Santa Wonderland; street lamps wearing Santa hats.

The friendly neighbor:

Every village will need villagers and although you can pretend that they are all inside enjoying the cold evening in front of a warm fire, it doesn`t have the same effect as it does if you have a few villagers out enjoying the winter evening.  I like to have a variety from people walking down the streets to people singing carols to children playing in the snow.

Let`s landscape:

When it comes to homes, there really isn`t that much landscaping being done.  I mean, everything is under a layer of snow, if you live where it snows, and it really isn`t that much fun for anyone to be out setting up their landscape but you can always landscape your Christmas village.  In fact, I would strongly recommend that you do.

Set up fences, add bridges and maybe create a few frozen ponds for your ice skaters.  Each accessory you add to your Christmas village will only add to the charm, personality and depth of the scene.

When you do choose your Christmas village accessories, the only suggestion that I really like to stress is to have fun and enjoy what you are doing.  There is no need to stress over something that should be light-hearted and whimsical.

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