Nov 09

Christmas Village Displays: Keep it looking beautiful



We all love Christmas villages and there is nothing nicer than seeing a well thought out and lovingly arranged Christmas village.  They have character, charm and they have a special meaning to the person who has set it out.

When it comes to having a Christmas village, you may find that it isn`t as easy as setting it up and storing it each year.  There are little elements that you need to consider and one of those is keeping your village looking the best year in and year out.  Let`s face it, storage can be a little hard on a village but there are ways to keep your village looking great without too much effort on your part.


One thing that almost all Christmas villages have in common is snow.  We drape it around the village and pile it into little snow hills.  It is a perfect accent to any village display but you should be careful on how you use Christmas snow.

First, when you use Christmas snow, usually in the cotton ball or filling form, you tend to just throw it everywhere and anywhere. Instead of just laying it flat, think about how your snow will fall, pile it against the sides of the houses and flatten it on the roads.  Make sure there are various heights to the snow to simulate drifting.

Second, buy new snow every year.  I know that usually it is still white and pristine but each year you stretch it and clump it and it loses its fluffy appearance very quickly.  If you purchase new cotton filling each year, you are guaranteed to have fresh snowfall.

Use a skirt:

When you create your Christmas village display, one thing you may want to consider using is a white decorative Christmas skirt.  This way, the surface of the table will not show through the snow and you will have crisp clean lines.  You will also have a decorative edge around your village adding the right accent.

Have a custom made table:

Not everyone has the space for this but if you are serious about your Christmas village than you might want to consider having your own table for it.  When you make your own table, you can have holes for the cords so there are no cords running across the table and disturbing the beauty of your village.

Dust your village:

Even in storage, debris can pile up on your Christmas village.  One of the best ways to keep your village looking beautiful is to carefully dust it before you put it out for display.  I would recommend using a dry duster instead of a chemical so you don`t damage any of the paint on the buildings.


The last point that I will make about keeping your Christmas village beautiful is in storage.  The best option is to keep all of the boxes that your village came in.  This way you can simply repackage them in the Styrofoam, put them into the box and store them in a plastic bin.  Quick, simple and you know they are well protected.  If you don`t have the boxes, make sure you invest in a plastic storage bin before you put your village away.  When the time comes for storage, your village will be in a waterproof box and you can wrap each building in bubble wrap or newspaper and cushion them in packing peanuts.

If you follow these tips, your village is sure to stay beautiful for years to come.

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