Oct 09

Christmas Villages



When I first became a mother, I expected trips to the doctor’s office to be a horrible experience for my children.  I was sure that I would have to drag them to the car, wrestle them through the door of the doctor’s office and then deal with screaming throughout the entire visit.  I had, after all, seen other mothers doing the same thing every time I went for a check up.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case and I always attribute the ease that the visit had with the large Christmas village that he has set up in his waiting room.  It is up year round and it is a beautiful Lemax Santa’s Wonderland village.  It climbs lazily up the side of a gradual hill, hidden amongst the miniature evergreen trees and snowy slopes.

There is the reindeer take off center where Santa and Rudolph practice a few turns above the building.  There is the elf skating pond where little elves skate and enjoy a cool but crisp day of skating.  There is the gingerbread house where you are positive warm and tasty treats are being baked.

There are actually a thousand and one different things to discover in that village and my children race to the glass protecting it, their noses pressed against it as they try to figure out what was added since their last village.

The Christmas village is up year round, since it is much too big to take down each year, but it doesn’t run except in the holiday season.  During that time, a large fake Christmas tree sits at the top of the hill and it is almost like the magic from the tree has trickled down and brought the village to life.  The trains that run through the village finally start their sedate journey and the children whisper about the polar express and how many lucky children are going to see Santa at his workshop that sits at the top of the slope.

This is what Christmas villages are for.  You could say that they are for the decoration, a way to spruce up the home and make things fun for holidays, but I really think that they are for the magic.  The warm lights that glow from the small windows, the charm that exudes from each door and the visions that dance through the imaginations of miniature people happily preparing for Christmas.

There are so many different facets for Christmas villages and we bring those facets to you with helpful tips on setting up your own, finding the best accessories or simply in looking at a few of those great products that are out on the market.

So please, come and enjoy our Christmas village as we navigate the streets of this wonderful collectable.

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