Nov 30

How to select a Christmas tree that is right for you

How to select a Christmas treeSome of us prefer the hassle-free set up of an artificial tree, while others can’t resist the tradition experience of bringing a natural evergreen home. If you would like some guidance to select the right tree for your family, the experts at The Home Depot Canada have a few helpful tips:

Location, Location, Location

Decide on a location in your home and measure the available height and width of the area. The taller the tree, the larger its base will be. When measuring the maximum height, be sure to leave some room for your tree topper. For fresh-cut trees, make sure you choose a cool, draft-free spot and make sure it’s placed away from heat sources (vent, fireplaces and appliances) to prevent drying.

The Scent of Tradition

Most of the available fresh-cut tree varieties come from the fir, spruce, or pine families. For convenience, freshly cut trees arrive several times a week at Home Depot.

Alternatively, choose a “live” or “living” tree. This environmentally friendly option comes in either a large pot or a burlap sack with its roots completely intact. After enjoying the tree over the holidays, transplant it to your backyard.

The Ease of Artificial

As an option involving little maintenance and hassle-free set-up, artificial trees allow you to spend more time decorating.

Save even more time with a pre-lit tree that comes with white or multi-coloured lights. With the lights already wrapped around the branches, there are no knots to detangle. Look for innovative trees with “continuous-on lights”, meaning if a bulb happens to burn out, the rest stay lit.

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