Nov 09

Lemax Christmas Villages



If you haven’t already noticed, I love my Christmas village, it has its own charm and its own personality and I have little accessories to go along with all the little houses that line the streets of my village.  I enjoy setting it up and I always feel a little moment of melancholy when I wrap it up at the end of the season.

As much as I love my village, there are several pieces that I would love to add from it and the majority of those pieces are from the Lemax Christmas village collection.  This collection is immense and all of the pieces are bright, beautiful and full of charm.

If you have never seen them, then you are missing out on some truly wonderful Christmas buildings and accessories.  The Lemax Christmas village comes in a variety of genres.  You can find more traditional buildings that remind you of a Victorian Christmas to more whimsical buildings such as Santa’s Wonderland.

Personally, I am partial to the Santa’s Wonderland when it comes to the Lemax villages but everyone has their own preference.  In addition to the buildings, Lemax offers a wide assortment of accessories.  You can find villagers sledding and making snowballs and you can find them riding in horse drawn sleighs.  In a Lemax Christmas village, you can find everything to make it a winter wonderland.

Some great products for the Lemax Christmas Villages are:

North Pole Travel:

This is a really cute building for the Santa’s Wonderland collection.  It is a festive building that features a snowboarding Santa billboard and an airplane on the top of the building.  The billboard rocks from side to side and the airplane rotates around the top of the building making it a favorite for many children.

Phil’s Diner:

If you love the ‘50s then you will love the Harvest Crossing collection from Lemax.  This building has the look of a ‘50s diner and it is bright, festive and full of charm. It doesn’t have any animated features to it but it does have its own lights making it a wonderful addition to a ‘50s themed Christmas Village.

Sea Harbor Lighthouse:

Want a more seaside Christmas Village, then the Plymouth Rock village might be the best choice for you.  Of course, many people would love to modify their village enough so they can have this very cute lighthouse with a rotating beacon.

Timothy’s Toy Shop:

This is a beautiful little building with tons of Victorian appeal and charm. It is part of the Caddington Village collection and features a little light and lots of decoration in the store window.  It serves as a great reminder for little children of what will be resting under the tree on Christmas morning.

Lemax has so many products that it can be difficult to choose just one style of village to go with.  There is something from each one that can capture the hearts of those admiring the villages.  Of course, if you want more than one collection, you can always set up more than one village.  A village for each room will be more than enough to find everything I want; I just need to talk my husband into it.




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