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Setting Up a Christmas Village



One year, my mother in law came into my house with a large box right before Christmas.  I didn’t think much about it, and I was delighted when she set it in front of me and opened it up.  Inside was a beautiful Christmas village and I was so grateful to her for giving me a few of her prized village.

The first year I set up the village, I did so with pain staking detail.  Everything had to be in the perfect place and the village needed to be asleep under a layer of cotton snow.  The second year was done with the same attention to detail but the third year was a rushed occasion since the birth of my son kept me busy.

Finally, after a few years of rushed displays and then several years of having two children help me set it up, I realized that the secret to a perfect Christmas village set up, isn’t in all the perfectly lined streets or even in the pieces themselves but in the memories that are created when you set it up.

Of course, I might be saying this since none of my streets line up and none of my villagers every make it through the set up without dancing around under the fingers of two little boys, but I like to believe it to be true.

If you love Christmas villages and truly want to have a few great tips to making your village display like a dream, then there are a few things you can do to make it perfect.

  1. Don’t Fuss:  This can be a killer to many Christmas villages, there is too much fuss, the snow is perfectly laid out, the houses are exactly 2.2 inches from each other, the people are set out in 93.4657 degree angles and no one wants to look at it for fear that they might breath on it.  Just let the pieces fall where the inspiration takes you and you will be surprised at how beautiful that village looks.
  2. Let it “Wow” your guests:  This is an important point of setting up your Christmas village and it has more to do with the space and less to do with the village itself.  Make sure you display your village in a place that can be seen easily and is up and out of the way of little fingers.  This way, your guests will be greeted with a prominent Christmas village and since it is high up, it doesn’t look like the Rebel Alliance has been fighting the empire in the quiet Christmas streets moments before your guests arrive.  It also saves you the hassle of yelling out (repeatedly), “For crying out loud, Yoda does not fight Darth Sidious on my Christmas rooftops.”
  3. Keep it small:  With all the wonderful village items out there, it can be difficult keeping your village to a minimum and before you know it, you need a formal dining room table that seats 12 just to hold your village.  The key to a successful set up of your village is to only have a handful of pieces in one place.  If you have more houses and buildings, you can disperse them through your home and have little elements of your      village decorating the entire house.
  4. Have a focal point:  This doesn’t have to be a focal point exactly but I would strongly recommend having a piece or a few pieces that have special meaning to you.  For me, it is a large ceramic Christmas tree lamp that my grandmother made. It is a bit too big for my village but every year it goes into town square and the Christmas village celebrates Christmas with the biggest tree on the “village” planet.  Using the tree always brings a smile to my face and my children love to hear the history behind the tree each year.
  5. Remember Electrical Outlets:  Lastly, remember to place your Christmas village near an electrical outlet.  I have done this more than once, where I set up the Christmas village exactly as I wanted it only to remember that there was no outlet close to where I set it up.  If your village doesn’t use any electricity, then this isn’t a worry that you will have.

And there are a few tips on setting up your Christmas village but the most important thing to remember is that your Christmas village should be special for you and your whole family.

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